This is Bigger than Cliven Bundy.

At the Moapa Valley Town Board meeting, held on 04/09/14, it was made clear that the only people trespassing on the public land in question were the BLM. Clark County residents made it clear that it was Clark County land. The fight is way beyond Cliven Bundy. These people are worried about where the buck stops after the Bundy ranch. They don’t want a “next person” incident. They want it stopped. And the gentleman in the video makes it clear that he will help Bundy, unarmed, regardless of the BLM’s actions after; and if the BLM fires on them, then and only then is it game on.

Cliven Bundy, in this video here, spoke right after his friend.

"Theyll fire the first shot heard around the world… we’ll fire the rest of em!"

this gave me the chills

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